martedì 5 luglio 2011

Video Art Festival Minden (Greece)

Gruppo Sinestetico (Albertin ,Sassu , Scordo ) is present video  :  "This is Art"  
Video Art Festival Miden

7, 8, 9 July 2011

Historic Centre of Kalamata, Greece
Download the complete screening program here

Thursday 7/7/2011- Screening Α- Unit 2


Duration: 54 min

In times of multiple dead ends and despair, good sense of humour becomes more subversive than ever. An abbreviation (Laughing Out Loud) that signified the beginning of "internet slang" as it was born exclusively on the net and in mobile texting, lightens up utterly different neurons in the brains of 16 video artists, with equally diverse consequences. Last March the word LOL was added in the Oxford English Dictionary. History is written as we speak, it seems to be implied by all artists. But do we actually realise it?

1. Nenko Genov, Where is your head, Bulgaria 2010, 6.54

2. Jeroen Nelemans, Red Alert, USA 2008, 1.42

3. Jose Salas, Totes Kino, Germany 2010, 4.32

4. Boe-lin Bastian, Jellies (Coupling Series), Australia 2010, 4.13

5. Stefan Adamski, Induction, Poland 2010, 3.16

6. Chiara Balsamo, MI2 from outer space, Italy 2010, 2.32 

7. Yuliya Lanina, Dodo-Valse, USA 2010, 2.46

8. Eva Olsson, Repeating itself, Sweden 2010, 3.42

9. Christin Bolewski, Universal tourist, Germany 2010, 7.46

10. Jenn Berger, Cheeta, USA 2009, 0.43

11. Rudolf Costin, O dada, Romania 2010, 1.43

12. Joacélio Batista, If I ask myself, Why do my lips refuse to answer?, Brazil 2010, 3.00

13. Timo Wright, Self-Portrait, Finland 2010, 2.19

14. GRUPPO SINESTETICO, This is art, Italy 2007, 0.30

15. Wolf D. Schreiber, 60 seconds out of humour, Germany 2010, 1.00

16. MOBTIK, Departure 09:15, Germany 2010, 0.05

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