mercoledì 19 maggio 2010

Miss. Nadine Coulibaly


Please excuse me for all the inconveniences my mail could cause you. I
have the pleasure to expose to you my predicaments. Please even if we
never knew before, I believe firmly that on the basis of the right of
humanitarian assistance that a real confidence and love can arise from our
communication. I was told by the doctor few days ago that my liver was
damaged beyond control as a result of poisonous food my step mother served
me and can only live for some months.

I believe my step mother out of her selfish greed wanted me dead by all
means because she did not have a child for my late father and that was why
he willed his deposited treasures to me as the only daughter.

Because of her plight, I have decided to donate a reasonable part of this
treasure to churches, mosques and charitable organizations. The reason is
that my late father never wanted me to live in Africa that was why he
instructed them never to release this treasure to me here.

As soon as I receive your response I will explain further and send you my
personal documents legalizing the treasures; on the other hand if I don't
hear from you within two or three days, I will be left with no option than
to look for another person who is willing to execute my wish.

Remain blessed as I wish you accomplish my wish. Pray for me always.


Miss.Nadine Coulibaly

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