venerdì 21 maggio 2010

: call-for-artists [works on display]

ARTOTEQUE.COM  call for entry  [apply] is pleased to invite artists to WORK ON DISPLAY the 2nd Annual Juried Contemporary Art Competition /Exhibition 12 months on display that takes place online at

     All entries go through a  selection process. The competition is judged solely by visuals submitted on-line as Jpeg [.JPG]  attachment. Numbers of entries: 6 - 12 works / image files submitted on-line to:

     We send out a monthly digital files of artists in our displays to very important customers, and collectors interested in buying art. If art buyers are interested in purchasing any artwork featured on they need to contact the gallery via e-mail.  All financial transactions are strictly between the customer and the artist.

The Screening
     The screening is free and is conducted by review on 6 - 12 Jpeg [.JPG]  of 72 dpi up to 700 pixels image files versions of the submitted works inline or attachment along the works details -title, year, medium, size, price.

     Submitters whose entries pass the screening are included in competition and are requested the participation fee payment.

     Entries without a fully completed entry form will not be accepted.
If you are not able to fell the PDF application form you can submit a letter that includes: - name - country  - number of the works submitted - he method of entry fee payment.

Entry  Fee
Submitters whose pass the screening  will be requested the competition fee.

There is a USDollars 80 / Euros 50 entry fee for 6 works. and USDollars 15 / Euros 10 for each additional work. Payment by Direct Transfer on account, by Money Order, by PayPal, by Western Union.

Size and Works to be received
In order to complete the inclusion you may submit as attachments or on-line 6 ~ 12 works /JPG s image files 72 dpi up to 700 pix (21x21 cm /8,3x8,3) and the works details: title, year, technique, size and price All submissions must be mailed to

     Grand Prize. Award value 4,900 Euros: One Artists will be awarded two-page spreads in Art in Vogue (Art Made Only Once) a quality art book in Masters of Today series for collectors, galleries, museums, dealers and art lovers.

     Award of Distinction. Award value 2,450 Euros: Two Artists will be awarded one-page in Art in Vogue (Art Made Only Once) a quality art book in Masters of Today series.

     Honorable Mention (Honorable Award): 60 Artists will be selected for Diploma of Excellence.

Andre Russ, (London), fine artist, film maker,
Andrea Pagnez, (Florence) art critic, fine artist, editor, curator (Venice Biennial) and Marta Dimitrescu, (London) fine artist, gallery director, art editor.

Exhibition period
The event will run one-year beginning with the date of the inclusion.


The earlier the better. The inclusions are in progress.

Participants must affirm that submitted works are the original creation of the applicant, and that the participant holds all related copyrights and has not violated intellectual property rights.. In the event of violation of this agreement, the organizations reserve the right to disqualify participants, reclaim prize and awards, and publicly announce any or all violations.

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