lunedì 5 aprile 2010

UAVM Museum Coimbra(Portugal)

GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Sassu , Scordo) is present :
(video : I am an artist )
UAVM Museum Coimbra (Portugal)

2 April - 27 June 2010


"Virtual  world" in common sense, leads to the idea of a 3D environment, which  seeks to resemble the real world. These worlds actually reflect the real  world laws such as gravity, topography, communication, etc., creating  alternative worlds to reality designed primarily for entertainment (such  as, for example, computer games). 
In recent years, however, we witnessed a massive growth in internet and  the birth of many virtual worlds are beginning to depart from the rudimentary  purpose of entertainment, evolving into real social networks of some importance  (as is the case of Second Life). 
Regardless the objectives that have these worlds, its creation involves  an area of contemporary art that should be encouraged, and in-depth study: 
Aaron Oldenburg (USA), Caterina Davinio (Italy), Gregoire Zabé (France), Henry Gwiazda (USA), Jinson Joseph (India), Kevin Sarmiento (Colombia), Laura Castanedo (Mexico), Mark Skarek (USA), Mi You (China), CTRL N (France), Patrick Millard (USA), Silvestre Pestana (Portugal)Gruppo Sinestetico  (Italy),  Suguru Goto (Japan), Susane Weigner (Germany) and Tony Murray (USA).

"Unknown Artist in Second Life" by José Vieira, 2010

2 April - 27 June 2010


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